IEEE VGTC Pacific Visualization Symposium 2008

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Session 1: Volume Visualization

Efficient Rendering of Extrudable Curvilinear Volumes
Steven Martin (Ohio State University), Han-Wei Shen (Ohio State University), Ravi Samtaney (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
Second Order Pre-Integrated Volume Rendering
Jean-François El Hajjar (XLIM, University of Limoges), Stephane Marchesin (LSIIT, University of Strasbourg), Jean-Michel Dischler (LSIIT, University of Strasbourg), Catherine Mongenet (LSIIT, University of Strasbourg)
Dynamic Shader Generation for Flexible Multi-Volume Visualization
Friedemann Rößler (Universität Stuttgart), Ralf P. Botchen (Universität Stuttgart), Thomas Ertl (Universität Stuttgart)
Interactive Exploration of Remote Isosurfaces with Point-Based Non-Photorealistic Rendering
Guangfeng Ji (Ohio State University), Han-Wei Shen (Ohio State University), Jinzhu Gao (University of Minnesota)

Session 2: Graph Drawing

Crossing Minimization Meets Simultaneous Drawing
Markus Chimani (Technical University of Dortmund), Michael Jünger (University of Cologne), Michael Schulz (University of Cologne)
Effects of Crossing Angles
Weidong Huang (University of Sydney), Seok-Hee Hong (University of Sydney), Peter Eades (University of Sydney)
Visual Statistics for Collections of Clustered Graphs
Ulrik Brandes (University of Konstanz), Jürgen Lerner (University of Konstanz), Miranda J. Lubbers (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Chris McCarty (University of Florida), José Luis Molina (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Energy-Based Hierarchical Edge Clustering of Graphs
Hong Zhou (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Xiaoru Yuan (Peking University), Weiwei Cui (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Huamin Qu (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Baoquan Chen (The University of Minnesota)

Session 3: Flow Visualization

Finite-Time Transport Structures of Flow Fields
Kuangyu Shi (MPI Informatik), Holger Theisel (Magdeburg University), Tino Weinkauf (Zuse Institute Berlin), Hans-Christian Hege (Zuse Institute Berlin), Hans-Peter Seidel (MPI Informatik)
Importance-Driven Particle Techniques for Flow Visualization
Kai Bürger (Technische Universität München), Polina Kondratieva (Technische Universität München), Jens Krüger (University of Utah), Rüdiger Westermann (Technische Universität München)
Illustrative Streamline Placement and Visualization
Liya Li (The Ohio State University), Hsien-Hsi Hsieh (National Dong Hua University), Han-Wei Shen (Ohio State University),
Optimizing Parallel Performance of Streamline Visualization for Large Distributed Flow Datasets
Li Chen (Tsinghua University), Issei Fujishiro (Tohoku University)

Session 4: Information Visualisation I

Multiple Views on System Traces
A. Johannes Pretorius (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven), Jarke J. van Wijk (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
A Novel Visualization System for Expressive Facial Motion Data Exploration
Tanasai Sucontphunt (University of Houston), Xiaoru Yuan (Peking University), Qing Li (University of Houston), Zhigang Deng (University of Houston)
The Event Tunnel: Interactive Visualization of Complex Event Streams for Business Process Pattern Analysis
Martin Suntinger (SENACTIVE IT-Dienstleistungs GmbH), Hannes Obweger (SENACTIVE IT-Dienstleistungs GmbH), Josef Schiefer (Vienna University of Technology), M. Eduard Gröller (Vienna University of Technology)

Session 5: Features and Time Varying Visualization

Height Ridge Computation and Filtering for Visualization
Ronald Peikert (ETH Zurich), Filip Sadlo (ETH Zurich)
An Adaptive Gauss Filtering Method
Shyh-Kuang Ueng (National Taiwan Ocean University), Hai-Peng Cheng (National Taiwan Ocean University), Ruey-Yuan Lu (National Taiwan Ocean University)
Multi-resolution Volume Rendering of Large Time-Varying Data using Video-based Compression
Chia-Lin Ko (National Chiao Tung University), Horng-Shyang Liao( National Chiao Tung University and National Center for High-performance Computing), Tsai-Pei Wang (National Chiao Tung University), Kuang-Wei Fu (National Chiao Tung University), Ching-Yao Lin (National Center for High-performance Computing), Jung-Hong Chuang (National Chiao Tung University)
Interactive Storyboard for Overall Time-Varying Data Visualization
Aidong Lu (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), Han-Wei Shen (Ohio State University),

Session 6: Information Visualisation II

FanLens: A Visual Toolkit for Dynamically Exploring the Distribution of Hierarchical Attributes
Xinghua Lou (IBM China Research Lab), Shi Xia Liu (IBM China Research Lab), Tian Shu Wang (IBM China Research Lab)
Pixelplexing: Gaining Display Resolution Through Time
James Shearer (University of California, Davis), Michael Ogawa (University of California, Davis), Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California, Davis), Toby Kohlenberg (Intel Corporation)
WhatsOnWeb+ : An Enhanced Visual Search Clustering Engine
Emilio Di Giacomo (Universit `a degli Studi di Perugia), Walter Didimo (Universit `a degli Studi di Perugia), Luca Grilli (Universit `a degli Studi di Perugia), Giuseppe Liotta (Universit `a degli Studi di Perugia), Pietro Palladino (Universit `a degli Studi di Perugia)
MobiVis: A Visualization System for Exploring Mobile Data
Zeqian Shen (University of California, Davis), Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California, Davis)

Session 7: Information Visualization III

Interactive Visual Analysis of the NSF Funding Informationnew
Shi Xia Liu (IBM China Research Lab), Nan Cao (IBM China Research Lab), Hao Lv (IBM China Research Lab and Shanghai Jiaotong University)
StarGate: A Unified, Interactive Visualization of Software Projects
Michael Ogawa (University of California, Davis), Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California, Davis)
Map Warping for the Annotation of Metro Maps
Joachim Böttger (University of Konstanz), Ulrik Brandes (University of Konstanz), Oliver Deussen (University of Konstanz), Hendrik Ziezold (University of Konstanz)
Multiple Uncertainties in Time-Variant Cosmological Particle Data
Steve Haroz (University of California, Davis), Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California, Davis), Katrin Heitmann (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Session 8: Graph Visualization

ZAME: Interactive Large-Scale Graph Visualization
Niklas Elmqvist (INRIA), Thanh-Nghi Do (INRIA), Howard Goodell (INRIA), Nathalie Henry (INRIA, Univ. Paris-Sud, and University of Sydney), Jean-Daniel Fekete (INRIA)
Visualizing Multivariate Networks: A Hybrid Approach
Yingxin Wu (University of Sydney and National ICT Australia), Masahiro Takatsuka (University of Sydney)
A Treemap Based Method for Rapid Layout of Large Graphs
Chris Muelder (University of California, Davis), Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California, Davis)


Interactive Visualization of Large Scale Simulation Data by CAVE VR System
Nobuaki Ohno (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), Akira Kageyama (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
A Keyword-Driven User Interface for Hierarchical Image Browser CAT
Ai Gomi (Ochanomizu University), Reiko Miyazaki (Ochanomizu University), Takayuki Itoh (Ochanomizu University), Jia Li (Pennsylvania State University)
Visualization of Corpus Data by a Dual Hierarchical Data Visualization Technique
Haruho Tachibana (Ochanomizu University), Takayuki Itoh (Ochanomizu University)
Visualization and Level-of-Detail Control for Multi-Dimensional Bioactive Chemical Data
Maiko Yamazawa (Ochanomizu University), Takayuki Itoh (Ochanomizu University), Fumiyoshi Yamashita (Kyoto University)
Generation of Urban 3D Model Based on GIS Data -- Application in Generation of Kyoto in the Edo Era
Yoshihiro Kosaka (Ritsumei University), Yuzuru Isoda (Ritsumei University), Akihiro Tsukamoto (Ritsumei University), Takuya Okumura (Ritsumei University), Susumu Nakata (Ritsumei University), Satoshi Tanaka (Ritsumei University)
GPU Improvements on the Sorting and Projection of Tetrahedral Meshes for Direct Volume Rendering
Sèbastien Barbier (EVASION and University of Genoa), Georges-Pierre Bonneau (EVASION and Grenoble University)
Peony: An integrated InfoVis Design and Development Platformnew
Nan Cao (IBM China Research Lab), Shi Xia Liu (IBM China Research Lab), Tian Shu Wang (IBM China Research Lab)
Visualization of Large-Scale Eruption Cloud Simulation
Shintaro Kawahara (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), Yujiro Suzuki (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
GPU-based Efficient Transparency Rendering
Kangying Cai (Ritsumei University), Xin Yin (Ritsumei University), Hiromi T.Tanaka (Ritsumei University)
Overlap Removal in Label Layouts by Multi-sphere Scheme
Jaeseong Gim (Kyoto University), Yohei Arahori (Kyoto University), Takashi Imamichi (Kyoto University), Seok-Hee Hong (University of Sydney), Hiroshi Nagamochi (Kyoto University)
A Computer Assisted System for Training an Internal Examination of Status of Delivery and its Evaluation
Akio Doi (Iwate Prefectural University), Kaichi Matsui, Kentaro Katamachi (Iwate Prefectural University), Toku Ishii (Iwate Prefectural University), Hiroshi Uno
Interactive Visualization of Open Water Using Hybrid Wave Model in Oceanaut Arcade Game
Chih-Ming Chiu (Southern Taiwan University), Ming-Yuhe Chang (Southern Taiwan University), Ching-Sheng Tsai, Damon Shing-Min Liu (National Chung Cheng University)
Visual Analysis of Hierarchical Data Using 2.5D Drawing with Minimum Occlusion
Kazuya Haraguchi, Seok-Hee Hong (University of Sydney), Hiroshi Nagamochi (Tokyo University)
The Visualization of Urban Planning Data -- Connecting Alphanumerical Address Data and Building Geometries
Christian Von Malottki (Institut Wohnen und Umwelt GmbH, Darmstadt), Gerhard Steinebach (Technische Universität Kaiserslauten), Hans Hagen (Technische Universität Kaiserslauten)
An Interactive Approach for Hierarchical Parameter Optimization
Teppei Tanaka (Kyoto University), Takayuki Itoh (Ochanomizu University), Naohisa Sakamoto (Kyoto University), Koji Koyamada (Kyoto University)
A Stochastic Approach for Rendering Irregular Volumes
Takuma Kawamura (Kyoto University), Naohisa Sakamoto (Kyoto University), Akira Yamasaki (Kyoto University), Koji Koyamada (Kyoto University)
Multi-Volume Rendering Using Particle Fusion
Naohisa Sakamoto (Kyoto University), Koji Koyamada (Kyoto University), Ayumu Saito (Kyoto University), Akinori Kimura (Tokyo Medical and Dental University), Satoshi Tanaka (Ritsumei University)
Online Remeshing of Tetrahedral Adaptive Mesh for Deformation of Soft Objects
Yoshinori Tsujino (Ritsumei University), Yasufumi Takama (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Hiromi T. Tanaka (Ritsumei University)
Hand Segmentation on a Dynamic Screen using Image Subtraction
Qi Xin, Matthew Chen, Masahiro Takatsuka (University of Sydney)
Path Finding on a Spherical SOM for Temporal Sequence Processing
Michael Bui, Masahiro Takatsuka (University of Sydney)
3D Contents Browser Using a Cluttering-Avoided Visualization Technique
Reiko Miyazaki (Ochanomizu University), Takayuki Itoh (Ochanomizu University)
Distributed Visualization of Huge Irregular Grid Data by Particle-based Volume Rendering
Hiroshi Kuwano (Kyoto University), Akira Yamasaki (Kyoto University), Naohisa Sakamoto (Kyoto University), Yasuo Ebara (Kyoto University), Koji Koyamada (Kyoto University)